Are you looking for a summer job that will change your life? Do you love kids and have a passion for serving them with your life?


At Camp Hope, we are passionate about revolutionizing America’s culture by evangelizing and equipping the next generation of leaders who will reach the world for Christ. Each summer, the Lord uses over 100 dedicated, kid-loving, Christian college students from across the country who are committed to pouring their life out and showing kids and families what it looks like to follow Christ in a real way. Our staff shows kids that it’s fun to be a follower of Christ through their words, relationships, and lives.

It is a calling that we take very serious. We believe that the Great Commission is not a set of words on a page, but a battle cry for life. Whether it’s teaching a camper a new skill or serving behind the scenes in the kitchen, our staff is committed to laying down their life so that kids would see Jesus in action. Our staff is committed to serving kids and families for the glory of God.

One Staff. One Heartbeat. One Purpose. One Mission!


What we expect from our staff…

A responsible and caring attitude.

Unselfish behaviors that put campers first.

A neat and clean appearance.

A loyal and devoted staffer that follows the rules and ideals of Camp.

What you can count on as a Camp Hope Staff Member…

To meet people of all ages from all parts of the world.

To grow as an individual in a Christian environment.

To make some of the best friends you ever will.

To work harder than you ever have.

To challenge yourself in ways you never dreamed of.

To have a ton of fun.

Becoming the creative person you can be.

Becoming a camper’s best friend and mentor.

To have one of the best, most memorable summers ever.

What you can’t count on…

Being on vacation.

Working in a place that is just for “you.”

Sleeping late.

Sitting around.


Listed below are the key summer staff that help make Camp Hope the special place it is. The combined efforts of these individuals keep our camp running smoothly and efficiently.

Program Directors

These individuals oversee all programs at Camp. They work with the Director to organize all daily activities for campers. They are out in the various program areas making sure things are going as they should. They also work with the evening program head for evening activities.

Head Counselors

Head counselors work with the Director to assign counselor days off, evenings off, and direct all cabin counselors.

Program Heads

These individuals head up each of our program areas supervising and teaching with counselors. They work directly with the Director and Program Directors to coordinate all activities and programs. Program heads are usually experienced cabin counselors/teachers.

Cabin Counselors

These individuals are the camp’s most direct link to campers and parents. Cabin counselors are the leaders in each cabin and set the tone for it. They are responsible for the safety, welfare, and happiness of each camper in the cabin.

Just as they set the tone in the cabin, cabin counselors also teach in program areas. In this way, they get to know all campers and see them in a variety of settings. They provide the expertise and energy in all programs.

Counselors-In- Training

CIT’s are support staff that work in teams. These individuals help in all areas of camp including cabin areas, programs, and facilities. CIT’s have completed the 11th grade and are never expected to lead activities or be primary supervisors. CIT’s are being well trained to take the role of counselor as rising college freshmen.

Nursing Staff

Our camp nurses are RN’s that sometimes also have children at Camp. As camp “moms” and experts in their fields they take fabulous care of our campers! They are responsible for the overall care of all of our staff and campers.

Kitchen Staff

Our meals are prepared by experienced cooks and are delicious. Most have worked at Camp Hope for multiple years and take great pride in feeding us all summer!